ESOTU Public Dungeon: Toothmaul Gully

Goblins are native to the Summerset Isles, and were here when the Elves first arrived from Old Aldmeris. The Altmer enslaved the native Goblins to perform their manual labor, but never quite eradicated the free tribes in the wild.

Toothmaul Gully is located on the west coast of Auridon, northeast of the Tanzelwil Wayshrine.


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Cavernous Grotto


Mobs: Goblins, Durzog, Imps, Strangler, Spriggans

Critters: Torchbugs

Named: Dzeizik, Nitch, Thek Elf-Stabber / Black Bessie,  Slakkith / Gorg, Togga the Skewerer, Bloodrot (Strangler)


  • “Verses of the Illuminated”
  • “Altmeri Overseer’s Journal”
  • “Silver Crawdad Surprise”
  • “Inventory (Confidential)”
  • “The Toothmaul Contract”


  • Few metal and alchemical nodes
  • Few provisioning containers
  • Several Heavy Sacks
  • Durzogs and Imps can be farmed for hides


  • Toothmaul Gully Vanquisher (10pts.)
  • Toothmaul Gully Conquer (50pts.)
  • Toothmaul Gully Group Event (50pts.)