ESOTU Public Dungeon: Rkindaleft

This Dwarven site doesn’t appear in Thelwe Ghelein’s comprehensive “Summarized Overview of Known Dwemer Locations.” How has it stayed hidden for so long?

Rkindaleft is located on east of Shatul Wayshrine in Wrothgar. Follow the river and enter through a cave  at the source of the river.


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Dwemer Ruin, Frozen Valley


Mobs: Dwarven Constructs, Rkindaleft Orcs

Critters: Spiders, Rats, Torchbugs

Named:  Rkinadhar, Wandering Illia, Azorrinuz, Sharga the Firestarter

Tip: Group event is spawned by using the four dwarven devices in each of the room's corners. Kill all of the spawned mobs to power up the Group Named and make it appear.


  • “Rindkaleft’s Council of Chiefs”
  • “The Great Warmth”
  • “Balzorgbeg Expeditionary Journal”
  • “Dorand’s Final Notes”
  • “Jeirmun’s Work log”


  • A few fishing holes
  • Several Dwarven containers with rare chance of blue recipes and motifs.


  • Rkindaleft Vanquisher (10pts.)
  • RkindaleftConquer (50pts.)
  • Rkindaleft Group Event (50pts.)