ESOTU New Crafting Bag Setting 2.6.0

New Crafting Bag Setting added in 2.6.0
New Crafting Bag Setting added in 2.6.0

When crafting bags were introduced, they were a game changer for crafters lucky to have one. While crafting bags personify hoarding utopia, there were a few suggestions for improvement.

A small change to crafting bags in coming with OneTamriel(tm). A toggle will be added in the Gameplay settings that will turn off the auto storage into the crafting bags.

Guild bank administrators with crafting bags, used to have a problem if they wanted to restack less-than-full stacks in the guild bank because as soon as items were removed they were automatically stowed in their personal crafting bag.

Now harvesters, hireling patrons, and survey map gatherers can turn off the auto-add to track their results. For example, if a crafter wanted to assess the usefulness of doing writs or having hirelings, they could turn off this feature to make it easier to collecting the data for their assessment.

When I did some testing on the PTS, I noticed that when crafting, the crafting bag items are used by default.  If there isn’t enough material in your crafting bag, crafting will still occur if there is enough material in  your local inventory: the UI shows the combined totals of your local inventory and crafting bag.

It would be useful for crafters-for-hire to have an Auto-remove toggle as will to use only provided items by the client instead of their crafting bag.

What are your thoughts?