ESOTU List of Sets Sold by Cyrodiil Town Vendors

Recently found this gem of knowledge on Reddit regarding the sets of special non-crafted sets in Cyrodiil.


Merchant StallSummary

  • Bruma — Medium
  • Cropsford – Light
  • Vlastarus – Heavy
  • Items sold are of purple quality
  • Items sold for 50,000 AP
  • Links may not be current descriptions as some of these sets have changed since being added on
  • Each set has its own box. The contents of the boxes are random but it will be a piece for the set you choose

Originally submitted on  Reddit by powerman123 and related to [PC]. Map added.

Patch 2.7.x will alter the offerings of the vendors (sets with a * will be removed) and reduce their prices (75%).

Cyrodiil Map showing major settlementsHere are all the sets sold by Cyrodiil town merchants. These were found on the PC version.

Bruma (Medium)

Cropsford (Light)

Vlastarus (Heavy)