ESOTU Housing

Be the King / Queen of your own Castle

It goes without saying that any adventurer in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a house. After all, one does get tired of the Innkeeper dragging one’s drunken self back to one’s room by the ear each night lecturing the entire time about how clothes aren’t optional in the common areas.


  1. Why Housing?
  2. Getting Your Free Apartment
  3. Property Listing
    1. Free
    2. Apartments
    3. Small
    4. Classic
    5. Notable
  4. Furnishing Your House
    1. Furniture Crafting
  5. Placing Furniture In Your House
  6. Achievements
Note: Property listing achievement links are provided as a convenience and link

Why Housing?

Housing offers players many benefits and enjoyment.

  1. Free Fast travel by recalling at anytime without a cooldown.
  2. Additional storage with storage chests
  3. Crafting centers with basic or attuned crafting (set) stations.
  4. Combat training centers with target dummies of varying degrees of difficultly simulating pledge bosses, public dungeon bosses, and trial bosses.
  5. Fashion endgame experience by decorating your house and creating creative structures of art.

Getting Your First Apartment

There is a poster usually the bank of the first starter city in each alliance (Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard) and the major cities of each chapter (Vivec City and Alinor). It will direct you to the nearest Inn.  Once there, there will be the owner of the Inn who will offer you a free room.  Complete the dialog and the Inn room will be yours.


Property Listing

In order to purchase any of the properties, you need to complete “A Friend In Need quest (above) and a zone specific achievement.

Note: Standard Limits Listed. ESO+ Members limits are doubled. Quest: A Friend In Need is required for all houses.

Free (Inn Roooms)

  • Furniture Item Limit: 15
  • Trophy Limit : 1
  • Special Item Limit: 1
Note: Only Quest: A Friend In Need is required for these houses.
Name Region Location Cost RM AMENITIES Achievement
Mara’s Kiss Public House Auridon Vulkhel Guard Nil 1 Near Wayshrine, Stables, Guild Traders, Navigators N/A
The Ebony
Flask Inn Room
Stonefalls Ebonheart Nil 1 Near Guild Traders N/A
The Rosy Lion Glenumbra Daggerfall Nil 1 Near Guild Traders, Wayshrine, Navigators,
Writ Turn-in



  • Furniture Item Limit: 32 – 37
  • Trophy Limit : 1
  • Special Item Limit: 1
Note: Only Quest: A Friend In Need is required for these houses.
Name Region Location Cost Count AMENITIES Achievement
Barbed Hook
Private Room
Auridon Skywatch 11,000 32 Hearth
Across town
from Bank,
Guild Traders,
and Vendors
Flaming Nix
Deluxe Garret
 Deshaan Mournhold 13,000 37 Near Bank,
Guild Traders,
Master Writ Vendor,
Outlaws Refuge
Pledge Givers,
Skill Respec,
Writ Boards
Sisters of
the Sands
Alik’r Desert Sentinel 12,000 32 Near Bank,
Guild Traders


Staple (Small)

  • Furniture item Limit: 41 – 88
  • Trophy Item Limit: 5
  • Special Item Limit: 2
Name Region Location Cost count AMENITIES Achievement
Autumn’s-Gate The Rift Nimalten 60,000 84 Yard, Hearth Wormsquasher
Black Vine
Malabal Tor Baandari Trading Post 54,000 66 Yard, Hearth,
Outside of Town
Near Delve,
Short Distance
to Guild Traders,
Hero of Frond and Leaf
Captain Margaux’s
Glenumbra Daggerfall 56,000 48 Hearth
Near Bank,
Most Crafting
Stations, Harborage,
Across town
From Guild Traders,
Wyrd Friend
Cyrodilic Jungle
Malabal Tor Baandari Trading Post 71,000 88 Hearth, Yard Imperial Edition
Stormhaven Wilds 65,000 61 Hearth
Remote Location
Near Hammerdeath Crafting Station, World Boss
Spirit Warden Champion
Humblemud Bal Foyen Dhalmora 40,000 66 Yard
Close to
and crafting
Hero of Bleakrock
Kragenhome Stonefalls Kragenmoor 69,000 51 Hearth (Fire Pit),
Stain glass windows
Close to wayshrine
and consumable
Sadal’s Overthrower
Moonmirth House Khenarthi’s Roost Wilds
(Laughing Moons Plantation)
50,000 41 Lots of windows,
high ceiling
Maormer’s Bane
Snugpod Grahtwood Elden Root 45,000 53 “Cozy”, lots
of windows
Short distance to
wayshrine, respec shrines, crafting,
outlaw refuge, stables, pledge givers,
guild traders
Reliquary Retriever
Twin Arches Bangkorai Hallin’s Stand 73,000 82 Yard, 2 Entrances (House), Vaulted Ceiling
Short distance to wayshrine.
High King Emeric’s Savior


Classic (Medium)

  • Furniture item Limit: 200
  • Trophy Item Limit: 10
  • Special Item Limit: 3
Name Region Location Cost count AMENITIES Achievement
Bouldertree Refuge Greenshade Wilds 190,000 130 Yard, 2 buildings
(1 enclosed)
Spirit of the Bosmer
Cliffshade Greenshade Marbruk
(South of Town)
255,000 112 2 Levels
Close to Wayshrine
Spirit of the Bosmer
Domus Phrasticus Craglorn Elinhir 295,000 158 Yard, Hearth
2 Levels,
lots of windows
Close to Trial (AA)
Imperial Edition
Gryharth’s Woe Eastmarch Windhelm 280,000 152 2 Hearths,
Near Outlaw
refuge, consumable crafting stations, Navigators
Blood Feud
House of the
Silent Magnifico
Greenshade Sentinel 320,000 163 2 Levels, large
vaulted ceilings
Near stables,
Consecrated Ground
Mournoth Keep Bangkorai Wilds 325,000 182 1 Hearth, Yard,
2 Entrances
Near Wayshrine, Dolmen
End of Empire
Ravenhurst Rivenspire Fell’s Run 260,000 134 1 Hearth, 2 levels,
Near Wayshrine
Curse Breaker
Sleek Creek
Reaper’s March Rawl’kha 335,000 79 Yard, Water,
lots of windows,
Near Outlaws’
Refuge, Short
distance to Rawl’kha
(Traders, Bank,
Vendors, etc.)
Hallowed Moons
The Ample
Shadowfen Stormhold 195,000 92 Yard Egg and Root
Velothi Reverie Deshaan Narsis 323,000 186 Yard, 1 Hearth (fire pit)
3 Levels
Close to Wayshrine,
Lake Hlaalu Retreat
Crafting Station
Plague Eater


Notable (Large)

  • Furniture Item Limit: 300 – 350
  • Trophy Item Limit: 20
  • Special Item Limit: 4 -5
Name Region Location Cost count AMENITIES Achievement
Dawnshadow Reaper’s March Wilds,  Near Dune 1,275,000 136 Yard, Windows,
2 balconies
Near Wayshrine, Apprentice Mundus, Dolmen, Ruins
Reaper’s March Adventurer
Forsaken Stronghold Bangkorai  Wilds 1,285,000 255 Yard,
2 Guard Towers,
1 Hearths,
2 Levels, Balcony
Near Delve, World Boss,
Viridian Hideaway Crafting Station,
Steed Mundus
Bangkorai Adventurer
Gardner House Stormhaven Wayrest 1,015,000 197 Yard, Stables,
1 Hearth,
Large Open
Concept Rooms, Several Entrances, 3 Levels,
Lots of Windows
Close to Wayshrine, Stablemaster, Equipment Crafting Stations,
Group Dungeon, Fisherman’s Island
Crafting Station, Outlaws Refuge
Stormhaven Adventurer
Hunding’s Palatial
Stros M’Kai x 1,295,000 283 Private Island,
Yard, Waterfront
with Moorage and Lighthouse,
Largest Stable,
Swimming Pool, Inner courtyard, Large
Vaulted Ceiling
3 levels high, 6 Balconies,
Stunning Views
Glenumbra Adventurer
Mathiisen Manor Auridon Mathiisen 1,025,000 286 Very large Yard,
Swimming Pool,
8 Hearths,
Town View,
6 Balconies
Auridon Adventurer
Old Mistveil
The Rift Riften 1,020,000 179 Yard,
Stable / Barn,
Large Balcony,
City View,
2 Hearths
Close to
Steed Mundus.
Short distance
to Guild Traders,
Portals to Earthforge
and Eeveya, Crafting Stations, Outlaws Refuge,
The Rift Adventurer
Quondam Indorilia Deshaan Mournhold 1,265,000 247 Yard, 1 Hearth (pit)
3 levels,
Private Rooms
Short Distance to
Bank, Respec Shrines,
Crafting Stations, Guild Dailies, Master Writ Vendor,
Pledges, Stablemaster, Outlaws Refuge, Guild Traders
Deshaan Adventurer
Shadowfen Wilds (Near Hatchling Pools) 760,000 214 Large Yard,
Large Stables,
Great View of the Black Marsh, Private Master Bedroom
Shadowfen Adventurer
Strident Springs
Reaper’s March Hillside above
1,280,000 238 Yard, Waterfall,
Watch Tower,  Several small bedrooms,
2 Levels
Close to Vendors, Stablemaster, and Wayshrine
Imperial Edition
The Gorninir
Grahtwood Wilds 780,000 284 Vast Yard, 3 Pod Homes Grahtwood Adventurer
Daggerfall Overlook Glenumbra Daggerfall 3,780,000 337 Yard,
with water access,
Large outdoor
storage area,
Throne room
Near Dolmen,
Short Distance
to Vendors, Wayshrine, Stablemaster, Mara Shrine, Public Dungeon,
Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant
Ebonheart Chateau Stonefalls Ebonheart 3,785,000 340 Yard,
Large outdoor
storage area,
Open Concept,
3 levels
—-Short distance to
Vendors, Traders,
Wayshrine, Stablemaster, Crafting Stations
Hero of the Ebonheart Pact
Serenity Falls Estate Reaper’s March Wilds 3,775,000 254 Yard,
Stable /
Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion


Furnishing Your House

In order to decorate your house, you will need to obtain some furnishings. The most common sources are

  • Achievement Furnishers
  • Crown Store via Housing Editor (Purchase Tab)
  • Furniture Crafting
  • Home Goods Furnishers
  • Fishing: different water types drop aquatic-themed items
  • Paintings:Treasure Chests
  • Shadowy Supplier (Remains-Silent) if you have the Shadowy Supplier passive unlocked
  • Veteran dungeons/trials/arenas main boss drops an Undaunted busts

Furniture Crafting

The number of furniture items you can craft in the game is vast (1000+).

Furniture Materials

  • Blacksmithing: Regulus
    • Metal Nodes
  • Woodworking: Heartwood
    • Wood Nodes
  • Clothier: Bast and Clean Pelts
    • Cloth Nodes (Bast)
    • Beasts (Clean Pelts)
  • Provisioning: Decorative Wax
    • Insects and Wasp Nests
      • Wasps, Scorpions
    • Chitinous creatures
      • Mudcrabs
    • Containers
      • Barrels, urns, , cabinets, cupboards, and backpacks
    • Items
      • Alchemy bottles
  • Enchanting: Mundane Runes
    • Enchanting Runes
  • Alchemy: Alchemical Resin
    • Alchemy Nodes

Placing Furniture in Your House

Once inside your house, you can use the furniture editor to select and place your furniture around your house.

  • [F5] is the default to open the furniture editor
  • [R] to browse your furniture inventory
  • Browse to the item you want to place and select it
  • Move the item around the rooms using your mouse.
  • [1] [2] keys rotate the item clockwise and counter-clockwise axis indicated by the blue ring around the item.
  • [3] [4] keys rotate (tilt) the item forward and backward axis indicated by the green line around the item.
  • [5] [6] keys rotate (tilt) the item left and right axis indicated by the red circle around the item
  • Click to place or [R] to Put Away.
  • [Right Mouse Button] to align to the nearby items (floor, wall, etc.)




  • Party Planner (5pt)
    3 other players visit your home at same time.
  • Practiced Warrior (30pt)
    Damage to training dummies in any home.

    • 1,000,000 Damage (5pt)
    • 10,000,000 Damage (10)
    • 50,000,000 Damage (15pt)
  • Resident Crafter (5pt)


  • Permanent Tenant (5pt)
  • Count (50pt)
  • Lord (50pt)
  • Clan Father (50pt)
  • Councilor  (50pt)
  • Homeowner (5pt)
  • Landowner (10pt)


  • Apprentice Decorator (5pt)
  • Conservatory Decorator (5pt)
  • Courtyard Decorator (5pt)
  • Ding Room Decorator (5pt)
  • Eclectic Decorator (5pt)
  • Gallery Decorator (5pt)
  • Hearth Decorator (5pt)
  • Library Decorator (5pt)
  • Parlor Decorator (5pt)
  • Shrine Decorator (5pt)
  • Structural Decorator (5pt)
  • Suite Decorator  (5pt)
  • Undercroft Decorator (5pt)
  • Workshop Decorator (5pt)


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