ESOTU Guild Trader Report 2016-07-25

Merchant Stall
Guild Traders often have what you need (for a price).

This week the following guilds were successful in obtaining traders in the popular trading centres [PC] [NA].


Aldmeri Dominion

Elden Root, Grahtwood

Goh: Royal Bank of Tamriel

Naifineh: Imperial Trade Union

Iannianith: Akaviri Imports (Was: Akaviri Union)

Mizul: Artisan’s Corner (Was: Market Place)

Fintilorwe: Loots R Us (Was: Dominion Imperial Guard)

Walks-In-Leaves:  The Meat Market

Bols Thirandus: Iron Bank of Bravos

Rawl’kha, Reaper’s March

Shiniraer: Bleakrock Barter Co

Canda: Black Dragon Apothecary

Heat-On-Scales:  Dominion Imperial Guard (Was: Elder Scrolls Exchange)

Muheh: Ethereal Traders Union

Ronuril: Elder Scrolls Exchange (Was: Angry Unicorn Traders)

Daggerfall Covenant

Wayrest, Stormhaven

Atin: Ethereal Traders Union II

Morg: Black Market Traders

Tredyn Daram: Tenacious Deals (Was: N/A)

Estilldo:  Eastmarch Trade Company

Ah-Zish:  Nights Revival

Aerchith:  Lucian Alliance (Was: Breton Business Bureau)

Azarati: Dead Nirn Dealers

Ebonheart Pact

Mournhold, Deshaan

Hayaia : Akaviri Union (Was: Black Market Wares)

Razgugul : Spicy Economics (Was: NEON GRIND Trading Co)

Endoriell:  Shatner’s Trade Dominion (Was: Red Nirn Reserve)

Zarum : WARmart Blade’n’Trade

Gals Fendyn: Hlaalu Trading Company (Was Shatner’s Trade Dominion)

Erwurlde: More Than Fair

Through-Gilded-Eyes: Blackbriar Barter Co.


Belkarth, Lower Craglorn

Glegokh: The Ska’vyn Exchange

Keen-Eyes: Sabre Trading Company

Shuhasa: The Mercantile

Shelzaka: Core

Mengilwaen: Auction House II

Nelvon Galen: Mad Four Destruction

Donnaelain: Scream and Panic