ESOTU Delve: Shrine of the Black Maw

Since the inking of the Ebonheart Pact, the trade in enslaved Argonians has been outlawed.. but it has not been eradicated. The slavers have merely gone underground — literally, in the case of those using the Ayleid halls of Varakun as their lair.

The Shrine of the Black Maw is located in the northwestern area of Shadowfen.  Easiest way to get to this delve is take the road leading to the northwest from Stormhold.  It is a medium size delve and contains mostly provisioning containers.  Gargoyles may drop trophy item (Stony Heart) for Monster Achievement.


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Ayleid Ruins


Mobs:   Varakun Cyromacers, Gargolyes

Critters:  Spiders

Named:   Peers-Through-Glass (Argonian)


  • Many bookshelves


  • Containers:
    • Mostly provisioning containers.
    • A few desks and backpacks
  • Crafting Mats:
    • Oils, Apples, Coffee, Corundum, Crawlers,Ginger, Ginseng, Guts, Honey, Molybdenum, Hides, Seasoning, Seaweed, Tomato, Wheat, Yeast, Yerba Mate
  • Gear
    • Mostly white and (Shadowfen sets like Swamp Raider)
  • Consumables:
    • Provisioning and Furniture Recipes, Cloudy Poisons, White Glyphs
  • Trash
    • Foul Hide