ESOTU Delve: Crypt of the Exiles

After High Rock joined the First Empire in 1E 1029, the King of Evermore had a vast cemetery built outside the city to house himself and his desendants, naming it after Saint Pelin of Bangkorai Pass. Some of the empty mausoleums ended up put to other uses than burial.

Crypt of the Exiles is located in central Bangkorai north of Bangkorai Pass Wayshrine.


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Small Catacombs


Mobs:  Skeletons, Ghosts, Skeevers

Critters: Rats (Rare), Fleshflies (Rare)

Named:  UlbazarThief-Lord


  • “An Exile’s Note”
  • “I’ll get you Ulbazar”
  • “Salama’s Epitaph”


  • Several provisioning containers and backpacks.
  • Occasional heavy bag and locked chest.