ESOTU Delve: Broken Tusk

None know today what lost cult of Daedra worshipers built the original shrine in these caverns, nor what they called it. But the lair the Argonians call Broken Tusk exudes an almost palpable sense of the evil that’s been done there over the ages.

Broken Tusk delve is  located in eastern Shadownfen at the northern tip of a river valley.  Nearest wayshrine is Forsaken Hamlet  which is a short distance to the southwest.  It is small circular delve with little promise of crafting materials except for Poison Oils. However, the lore on the numerous bookshelves may be of interest of lower level players looking for some free skill line ranks.


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Daedric Shrine


Mobs:   Daedra

Critters:  Rats, spiders

Named:  Naeraizozan


  • Stonefire Ritual Tome
  • Several Bookshelves


  • Containers:
    • None found
  • Crafting Mats:
    • Alkahest, Crawlers, Guts, Spider Egg, Terebinthine
  • Gear
    • Mostly white items with occasional green items. Several items found were  intricate.  A few regional set items (Shoes of the Hist Sap,  etc.).  A few white glyphs and empty soul gem
  • Consumables:
    • None
  • Trash
    • Daedra Husks