ESO PTS offers hints at upcoming Events: Mid-Year Mayhem and Murkmire Event

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The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.3 adds Midyear Mayhem and the Murkmire Celebration for testing this week – we appreciate any feedback you’re able to provide! We’ve also made the changes to Damage over Time abilities mentioned in last week’s PTS notes, and you’ll notice many of these abilities have increased in damage compared to the first PTS patch. Also included are a number of bug fixes for quests found in Southern Elsweyr, some UI fixes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 280MB.


Midyear Mayhem
This week, Midyear Mayhem is available to test on the PTS! This event is largely the same as last year; to get started, acquire the quest “Details of the Midyear Mayhem”, available on the starter quest directly from the Crown Store.

Making use of the Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity, rewarded by completing the introductory quest, will grant a 100% boost to AP (from all sources) and XP (from killing player characters).

You can earn Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box from the introductory quest as well as Rewards of the Worthy mails sent during the Midyear Mayhem, and by completing various Daily Quests in

Cyrodiil including:All ‘Board’ missions
Town Dailies
Battleground Dailies
Imperial City Dailies

Rewards available from monster drops, Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box, and offerings from the Impresario include:

Legion Zero Outfit Style Pages
Standard-Bearer Emotes

Patch Notes

Noticeably absent from the event notes are Event tickets.

Murkmire Celebration
The Murkmire Celebration is also available to test this week on the PTS! New this year, you can return to the home of the Argonians.

Earn up to 2 Event Tickets per day from bosses and monsters throughout the zone.

Bosses and quests will have rewards doubled, as will daily quests reward boxes.

You will also have a chance to earn a Murkmire Strongbox once per day from the following sources:

Killing basepop monsters
Killing Bosses
Opening Treasure Chests
Opening Safeboxes
Found in interactable objects
Opening Psijic Portals
Opening Thieves Troves
Harvesting resource nodes

Rewards available from drops, Murkmire Strongboxes, and offerings from the Impresario include:Voriplasm Pet Fragments
Grave Stake Memento Fragments

Patch Notes