ESO Patch Notes v1.18.2.0 – Highlights

The Elder Scrolls Online v1.18.2.0 includes several adjustments to improve overall game stability, in addition to some fixes for Battleground queuing, a fix for offline friends appearing as though they are online, and more. Size: ~644MB.


  • PvP
    • Your character will no longer get stuck in a Keep piece when knocked in the air by Volcanic Rune.
    • Quitting a Battleground before it’s over will now result in a 5 minute penalty instead of 20 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue which limited how often Moongrave Fane Motif pages could drop. It will now drop rarely when killing the final boss on Normal, occasionally on Veteran, and guaranteed on Veteran Hard Mode as originally intended.
  • Placing or moving furniture in Gamepad Mode will now always place the furniture in the correct orientation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Finder would not display any results when there were more than 20.
  • Fixed an issue with the memory manager that was causing incorrect, excessive memory allocations to occur, leading to game crashes.