ESO May 2021 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Prepare for your journey to Blackwood by picking up some of these new and returning items, including outfit styles, mounts, pets, and more, all coming to the Crown Store in May!

This month features a collection of dark items, several profession-based costumes, Dragonscale Crates, the Harrowing Reaper Trial Target Dummy, two houses including the new Kushalit Sanctuary, and cool mounts and pets.

Did you know that all these items can be viewed on my ESO Calendar for an at-a-glance view.?

ESO Plus Deals

  • Statuette: Kinlord Nemfarion (Free)
  • The Elder Scrolls Artifact: Sinweaver (Discount)
  • The Stealthy Rogues Pack (Discount)
  • The Treasure Hunter costume (Discount)
  • The Gem Prospector costume (Discount)
  • The Ancient Sites Explorer costume (Discount)
  • The Nedic Armor Pack (Discount)
  • The Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone (Discount)
  • Sithis, The Dread Father statue (Discount)
  • The Packlord Nightmare Wolf mount (Discount)
  • The Kynbound Senche-Panther mount (Discount)
  • The Gloomspore Senche Cub (Discount)
  • The Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon pet (Discount)

Crown Gem Exclusive

  • The Nighthaunt Gloomspore Senche mount (May 13 to May 20 at 10am EDT).


  • Motifs
    • The Crown Crafting Motif: Nighthollow (May 12 at 10am EDT.
      • available for drops in-game from Markarth Reward Coffers awarded for completing daily Harrowstorm quests for Nelldena in Markarth.
  • Artifacts
    • The Elder Scrolls Artifact: Sinweaver (May 10 to May 13)
  • Styles
    • The Zaan Arms Pack (May 26 to June 23)
      • The Zaan Mask Style Page has a chance to drop from the last boss in the Veteran Scalecaller Peak dungeon.
      • The Zaan Shoulder Style Page can be obtained after the player has completed the Veteran Scalecaller Peak

Crown Crates

  • The Dragonscale Crates (May 27 to June 10)


  • None listed


  • The Night Mother’s Evangelist (May 6 to May 13)
  • The Stealthy Rogues Pack (May 10 to May 13)
  • The Treasure Hunter (May 13 to May 17)
  • The Gem Prospector(May 17 to May 20)
  • The Ancient Sites Explorer (May 17 to May 20)
  • The Nedic Armor Pack (May 24 to May 31)


  • none listed.


  • none listed.


  • None listed.


  • None listed.


  • The Music Box, Feast of All Flames (May 20 to June 3)
  • The Furnishing Pack: Shadow and Stone (May 6 to May 13)
  • Sithis, The Dread Father statue (May 6 to May 13)
  • The Target Harrowing Reaper, Trial (May 20 to June 3)


  • The Erstwhile Sanctuary (May 6 to May 20)
  • The Kushalit Sanctuary(May 20 to June 3)


  • The Packlord Nightmare Wolf (May 17 to May 24)
  • The Kynbound Senche-Panther (May 24 to May 31)


  • The Sovngarde Sabre Cat Cub(May 3 to May 17)
  • The Gloomspore Senche Cub(May 13 to May 20)
  • The Nightmare Wolf Pup (May 17 to May 24)
  • The Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon pet (May 24 to May 31)


None listed.

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