ESO Greymoor (Update 26) to Hit PTS Next Week Without NDA

Say What?

In case you missed it, there was a post on the official forums announcing the details of the arrival of Greymoor and Update 26 to the PTS (Public Test Server) next Monday.


  1. No NDA for the Chapter (this also means no watermark on your screen!)
  2. There will also be no required invites or other pre-requisites to access the PTS– everyone with an active PC account will be able to log in and play.
  3. As with previous PTS updates, we will start with a PC NA character copy, and two templates will be made available (one max-level, and one mid-level). We’ll plan to swap to PC EU characters on the May 4th patch.
  4. Patch notes will be published sometime during maintenance on Monday.