The Golden vendor is a special vendor located in one of base camps for each faction in Cyrodiil that only appears on the weekend to sell monster sets that are obtained in the various group dungeons around Tamriel.

What is offered this week?

This weeks items are:

  • Afflicted Ring*
  • Alessian Ring*
  • Curse-Eating Ring*
  • Deadly Ring*
  • Eagle-Eyed Ring*
  • Ebon Ring (Bind on Pickup)
  • Leki’s Ring*
  • Marksman’s Ring*
  • Ring of Almalexia’s Mercy*
  • Ring of Alteration Mastery* NEW
  • Ring of Ancient Grace*
  • Ring of Beckoning Steel*
  • Ring of Cyrodiil’s Crest*
  • Ring of Cyrodiil’s Light*
  • Ring of Cyrodiil’s Ward*
  • Ring of Elf Bane*
  • Ring of Fasalla’s Guile*
  • Ring of Fury*
  • Ring of Imperial Wrath*
  • Ring of Kyne’s Kiss*
  • Ring of the Arch-Mage*
  • Ring of the Desert Rose*
  • Ring of the Hawk’s Eye*
  • Ring of the Heartland*
  • Ring of the Juggernaut*
  • Ring of Morag Tong*
  • Ring of the Potentates*
  • Ring of the Sentry*
  • Ring of the Shadow Walker*
  • Ring of the Swift*
  • Ring of the Valiant*
  • Ring of Transmutation*
  • Ring of Vengeance Leech*
  • Ring of Vicious Death*
  • Ravaging Ring*

All items are 500,000 Alliance Points


Items purchased with Alliance points are impenetrable.