ESO Golden Vendor Items – 2018/08/10

The Golden vendor is a special vendor located in one of base camps for each faction in Cyrodiil that only appears on the weekend  to sell monster sets that are obtained in the various group dungeons around Tamriel.

This weeks items are:

  • Ring of the Magicka Furnace – Arcane 250,000g / 500,000AP
  • Pillar of Nirn Ring – Robust 250,000g / 500,000AP
  • Ysgramor’s Ring- Arcane 150,000g / 300,000AP
  • Ring of Trinimac’s Valor- Arcane 150,000g / 300,000AP
  • Nerien’enth’s  Shoulders – Infused / Impenetrable (Light, Medium, Heavy) 100,000g / 200,000AP
  • Maw of the Infernal’s Shoulders – Infused / Impenetrable (Light, Medium, Heavy)100,000g / 200,000AP

Items purchased with Alliance points are impenetrable.

Vendor was introduced in Patch 2.3.5.

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