ESO Crafting Writ Calculator

The “no-frills” mobile-friendly crafting writ calculator was created as a result of experimentation and research into finding ways to help console players efficiently and effectively complete daily crafting writs. This tool allow players to determine how many days of crafting writ items can be pre-made based on the number of empty inventory slots available to a character. It simulates the writs that will be offered to the character and summarizes the items needed by profession and lists the items in the order they appear in the crafting station creation window.

This tool will make it easier for players to low level writs to farm surveys and farm top tier writs for sealed writs and gold mats to make an insane amount of gold.

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ESO W2T: Zanil Theran the Luxury Furnisher

#WelcomeToTamriel! Zanil Theran, the Luxury Furnisher, is a special merchant that appears in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) each weekend. This video explains where to find him, the items offered, and his schedule.

Learn about Zanil Theran, the Luxury Furnisher
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ESO W2T: The Mundus Stones

#WelcomeToTamriel! Mundus Stones are interactable objects and furnishing in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) that provides a boost to one or more of your characters statistics. This video explains what they are and where to find them.


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