ESO W2T: Farming Group Dungeon / Monster Sets

#WelcomeToTamriel! In this guide, we discuss the how you can farm group dungeon / monster set gear in the Elder Scrolls Online. However, this guide does not discuss recommendations for Meta (best in slot) gear and suggests you check out one of the many #ESOFam build content creators available online.

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Encouraged by the success of our first charity fundraiser, we are pleased to announce that we starting our charity campaign for this year to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital.

We are calling it:
#AlchemyTheNewMeta: It is hard to be a hero when you child is sick.

Please join us in supporting this great cause.

#ProvisioningTheNewMeta 2020

Thanks to your visit(s) and occasional click(s) on our advertisements, you have enabled us to earn enough revenue to cover this website’s hosting costs. We are pleased to announce our #ProvisioningTheNewMeta 2020 charity campaign: It is hard to be a hero when you are hungry.

Update (October 30th): We had our best ad revenue month ever in October and we are on-track to hit our $1,000 goal for Food Banks Canada on our CanadaHelps.Org Fundraiser Page. Thanks again for visiting!

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