09 Dec

ESOTU Writs, Writs, and More Writs

UpdateWith all of the exciting of recent in-game events behind us, last month, I took the opportunity to track the results of 360 consumable writs of various levels in preparation of updating my various writ articles.

Interestingly, I noticed that provisioning writs were not the only ones to have repeating writs in a set recurring order. For example, enchanting and provisioning writs repeat every three days, while alchemy repeats every four days.  These patterns have been incorporated into the Alchemist and Enchanting articles. Also, since I was editing the articles, I improved the in-page navigation in these articles to make it easier to find the information you are looking for and to make the pages more accessible on mobile devices and tablets.

31 Oct

Update 2016-10-31

Happy Witches’ Event everybody! I hope the plunder skulls have been good to you.

New content coming to ESOTU!Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been taking advantage of the double experience and helping a couple of real life friends return to the Elder Scrolls Online.  Once the event excitement dies down, I’ll be publishing more content in the following weeks. It has been thrilling to see a steady increase in blog visitors, followers on social media, and positive feedback in-game.

Regarding site content, I have recently added some filters to the site menu to provide easier access to my more popular blog topics like the Golden Vendor, Crafting Patch Notes, Quest spoilers, and Points of Interest (eg. Delves and Public Dungeons). New articles continue to be shared on various social media sites (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) if you prefer to receive updates through those channels.

Until next time, see you in Tamriel.

08 Jun

ESOTU Crafting Essentials Playlist

Do MoreAdmittedly, I’m not very good at creating videos; however I appreciate the good work done by others in the Elder Scrolls Online Community.  As a result, I have created a playlist of my recommended ESOTU crafting videos on youtube to make it easier for visitors to find.