In a special announcement by Matt Firor, Studio director, Zenimax announced it will not be porting The Elder Scrolls Online to the ARM architecture powering the next generations of Apple computers. In the letter, Matt suggests some options for Mac players but methods like emulators will greatly affect the performance of the game. The only viable option presented is for Mac players to transition to Google Stadia. Stadia shares the same servers as PC/Mac and player can resume where they left off.

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ESO Bug: Impresario Missing

Several players have reported the Impresario is missing. If you need to spend your tickets, you’ll have to cycle around the various locations until you find an instance with her in it.

ESO November 2020 Crown Store Showcase Details Announced

Gear up to explore the Reach and host all-new houseguests with an incredible selection of collectibles coming to the Crown Store in November!

This month features some items from Undaunted Celebration and New Life Festivals, Glowing-themed Sovngarde Mount and Pets, Snowglobe House returns, three new house guests, new items with the launch of the Markarth DLC, and the removal of several crafting motifs.

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ESO PTS October Patch Notes Not-So Secret Secrets Revealed

In this article, I look at the October 2020 PC|Mac| PTS (Public Test Servers) patch notes and highlight some of the changes and events coming to the Elder Scrolls Online soon™.

These notes indicate the Elder Scrolls Online™ is going to have a busy event schedule between late December and late February, and confirm that the Indrik pets will be retired with the end of the New Life Festival.

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