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Link: How to farm Khajiit Skooma Bubbler Design

Do MoreThere is a good post on the official forums that describes a good farming spot for all you Khajiit lacking a Skooma Bubbler for their house. 

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ESOTU Reddit: Wanted Posters Farming Locations

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Several players are quite displeased with BluePwnsU who revealed the secrets of obtaining wanted posters on Reddit.   The sale of Wanted Posters have been very lucrative.

You can get bounty posters from pick pocketing guards.

I have personally picked 5 different wanted posters: Khajiit male, Orc female, Imperial male, Colovian male, Breton male.

If you are wanting to decorate your house with some wanted posters or make a bit of coin, brave the guards and pick their pockets.

ESOTU Furniture Crafting Cost Calculator

Begemotz has shared  on the official forums a tool to allow players to compare the cost of crafting a piece of furniture to the cost being sold.

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a simple spreadsheet that allows you to spec out a furnishing item and see how much it would cost to make (or compare that to the price it is being sold at)

ESOTU Thieves Guild Anniversary Event!

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Ssshhh, come here! In case you haven’t noticed…

In true Thieves Guild fashion, the Thieves Guild of Hews Bane have been quietly planning a very special event to celebrate the Thieves Guild launch anniversary. And it begins today! You can enjoy the following when playing in Hew’s Bane from now until March 20:

  • Double yield from resource nodes in Hew’s Bane
  • Double rewards for killing World Bosses and bosses in delves in Hew’s Bane
  • Double dro-m’Athra style items from killing bosses in the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial
  • Increased rewards from Heists
    • Non-perfect Heists give the reward for perfect Heists; perfect Heists award double the crates

Happy hunting – and thieving – adventurers!

ESOTU Reddit: Why do Nirnroot Plants Chime?

Recently, there was a post on Reddit asking about why Nirnroot chimes.  A respondent pointed to a older post on the TESOLore subReddit for an answer.

A conclusion from an analysis of the lore on the subReddit by one member speculates that,

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The Nirnroot is another cousin of the Hist, like the Sleeping Tree and the Umbrielian Hist. It shows far too many signs of being related to not be related. It’s not nearly as smart/sentient as the Hist or even the Um-Hist, but it has the wherewithal to enter a state of dormancy when times get rough.