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ESOTU Mudcrab Chitin Drop Rate Bugged?

Bug bites another player.There has been an interesting post on the forums regarding the drop rate of Mudcrab Chitin that I have been following.  The Chitin are a new alchemical reagent used in poisons and potions that are found on, you guessed it, mudcrabs. Over past few days I’ve been mapping fishing holes and taking out a few of the nearby mubcrabs to hopefully find some chitin enroute to the next fishing hole.

My experience seems to confirm what people on the forums are saying: that the larger mudcrabs, especially the darker red ones have the best drop rate. Also, people report that they haven’t had much luck farming crabs in Wrothgar, so you may want to try somewhere else.

ESOTU Alliance Point Vendor Items – 2016/06/03

Bug bites another player.

The Alliance Point Vendor (AKA The Golden) is a special vendor that only appears on the weekend to sell rare monster sets usually found in the various group dungeons.

This weeks vendor items on sale between 00:00 UTC/GMT on Friday and 12:00 UTC/GMT on Mondays for 59,930 – 99,990g or 200,000AP are the following

Vendor was introduced in Patch 2.3.5.

The vendor appears to be bugged this week on the PC. Reports from the Consoles and various PC sources say the item was the Valkyn Skoria's Helm and that the PC vendor occasionally spawns for 10 - 20 seconds. As of this time, I haven't been able to confirm these reports.
Update: Vendor hotfixed on 2016-06-08 and will spawn at normal time with new items and previous week items for purchase..

Per Reddit(Confirmed) – purchased with gold values shown below. AP point purchases are all impenetrable.

  • Valkyn Skoria’s Helm – Infused (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Girdle of Fasalla’s Guile – Divines (Heavy)
  • Girdle of Fury – Divines (Heavy)

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ESOTU Bug Watch: Survey Maps (2.4.3)

Bug bites another player.Crafting Writ-o-holic? You probably watch to track this known issue on 2.4.3 that affects Survey maps.

Known Issue: If you have two copies of the survey report (one in your inventory and one in your bank) then both copies will be consumed as you harvest the nodes from the survey site. We are working on fixing this issue.