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ESOTU Patch Notes v2.2.7 – Crafting Summary

UpdateThe following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this patch.


  • Fixed an issue where the legendary fish in Wrothgar could be caught outside of the intended conditions.  If you’d like to test your luck, there’s a rumor that an orc named Atorag may have seen some unusual fish behavior along the coast, west of Morkul Stronghold


  • Fixed an issue where stacking an item to the maximum amount in your inventory would display the incorrect number of items contained in the stack.

ESOTU Crafting Inspiration, Champion Points, and Writs

Enchanting I Turn-in Dialog
Enchanting Writ Turn-in Screen

There is some confusion with crafting experience.  The game refers to crafting experience as Inspiration Points not Experience.

When you turn in writs, you receive adventuring experience points and crafting inspiration points (shown above the gold reward).

Where do you see your inspiration? To view it, bring up the abilities screen and navigate to the crafting profession you are interested in (enchanting shown here) and hover the mouse cursor over the Rank bar.

Ever wonder if the writs you turn in get the bonuses from your Champion Points and ESO+?

The answer is yes but it doesn’t show the modified number in your quest rewards. It will show the default value. In this screenshot, the Inspiration is 1,000 .

Here’s the math and screenshots

Screenshot Enchanting Inspiration
Enchanting Rank and Inspiration Total – After Writ
Screenshot Enchanting Inspiration
Enchanting Rank and Inspiration Total – Before Writ

After: 8475

Writ: 1000
CP: 200 (20% — Tower 30 Points)
ESO+: 100 (10%)

Before: 7175