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ESOTU Guild Bank Hotfix Notice

In case you missed the official notice, if you were affected by the guild bank bug when Orsinium went live, all you need to do is put your stuff in the guild bank before Monday’s maintenance.

Missing Guild Bank Items: For anyone that lost items from stacks of 200 in the guild bank, your missing items will be reimbursed during Monday’s maintenance. You won’t need to do anything, as the items will appear in your guild bank after maintenance is complete. The only action you’ll need to take is in the event you’ve removed an entire stack of an affected item into your personal inventory or personal bank. All you’ll need to do is move it back into the guild bank sometime before Monday. For anyone that erroneously received more items in their guild bank and currently has stacks over 200, consider it a gift.

ESOTU Don’t pay for Orzogas’ Recipes!

Save your moneyCurrently, players are selling the three blue recipes and one gold recipe for large amounts of coin. They can be obtained from some relatively quick and easy quests from an NPC Northwest of Orsinium.  Save your coin!

More Info (including maps)

I have since created a guide for these quests: ESOTU Spoiler: Orzorga's Recipes