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ESOTU Patch Notes v2.2.9 – Crafting Summary

UpdateThe following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this patch.

No changes were crafting related. One related to fishing.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing many fishing holes in Wrothgar to not grant fish if three or more people were fishing together. Fishing with your buddies is a time-honored tradition in Wrothgar, and is once again supported.

ESOTU Harvest Node Map Compendium – SpAEkus

Sample map modified for this website theme and smaller file size for to be more mobile friendly

SpAEkus posted a link to a PDF on the official forums that contained node locations for the various crafting materials across Tamriel.

In addition to the pdf, SpAEkus provided the harvest map lua import file if you wanted to load the data into your own harvest map database (PC players only).

This map compendium will be handy for console players that do not have access to this add-on in game.