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ESOTU Spoiler: Kari’s Hit List

Do MoreTinythinker started a post on the official forums where to find all of the items on Kari’s Hit List which is introduced in the Thieves’ Guild DLC.

Robert J. “Jairone” Mann has produced an excellent guide that he has shared on google docs that includes screenshots and detailed descriptions.

Tip: They can be completed along with the Thieves' Guild daily quest (Quest Board).

Finding all of the items on this list will reward the player with achievement points which will also increase your rank in the Thieves’ Guild. Complete the achievements by placing the items in the display area of the Thieves’ Den in Abah’s Landing.

Tip: These items are stolen items and if you are captured or killed by a guard, you will lose any of these items in your inventory. Keep some Counterfeit Pardon Edicts on hand for the more trickier items.

Below you will find a summary that will lead you to the general locations (eg. building) but doesn’t take away all of the exploration fun trying locate each of the items within each structure.

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ESOTU Patch Notes 2.3.6 – Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where some chapters of the Outlaw Motif, found in Shark’s Tooth Grotto, were not dropping as often as intended.
  • Monsters in scaled zones such as Cyrodiil, Wrothgar, and Hew’s Bane will no longer drop a mixture of Rubedo Leather and Shadowhide if you have Rank 10 of the Tailoring passive.  Instead, they will exclusively drop Rubedo Leather.


ESOTU Patch Notes 2.3.5 – Enhanced Crafting Summary

The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac. Also, I’ve included some additional items that may be of interest.

New content coming to ESOTU!Summary

This patch has extensive changes to the all aspects of the game.  It all of the PTS crafting updates were implemented and few more were added in 2.3.5.

Here are the highlights below followed by the actual related notes from the official forums.

  • 64-bit client available, however since the default is 32-bit, you will have to run ESO64.exe from the ESO install directory
  • DirectX 9 support has been phased out
  • Champion System perks have changed some crafting perks may be in new locations.
  • Assistants, special form of pets, are now available for purchase to provide fence and vendor services while out of town.
  • Loyalty reward for ESO+ members and Orsinium / Thieves Guild Owners
  • New motifs and sets available
  • Universal crafting style mat available from Crown Store:  special style items (Laurels, etc.) are now tradable
  • Provisioning writs will now be only available from chef vendors and will no longer be in the writ loot tables
  • Cadwell Silver completion will be rewarded with a new Soul-Shriven Motif
  • Realignment of DLC crafting achievements to the DLC sections of the Achievement list from Crafting section (eg.  Xivkyn from crafting to Imperial City DLC achievements list)
  • Several journal entries and Library entries have seen bug / typo fixes

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