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ESOTU Harvest Node Map Compendium – SpAEkus

Sample map modified for this website theme and smaller file size for to be more mobile friendly

SpAEkus posted a link to a PDF on the official forums that contained node locations for the various crafting materials across Tamriel.

In addition to the pdf, SpAEkus provided the harvest map lua import file if you wanted to load the data into your own harvest map database (PC players only).

This map compendium will be handy for console players that do not have access to this add-on in game.


ESOTU Crafting Deconstruction Analysis 2.2.8

Crafters work in the tradehallSpAEkus posted on the official forums an incredibly detailed analysis of ESO deconstruction results for all applicable crafting professions.

If you are a min/maxer number crunching crafter, this is a post for you.



Status Update – 2015-12-23

I have returned from my too brief vacation in warmer climes and I am back to Tamriel.

I am working on getting my first character to Veteran Rank 16: VR15 yesterday. This would be the first time in any of my MMO experiences where I would have hit max level in the game I am playing.  If there are any doubts that ESO:TU doesn’t favor the casual player, you can cast those notions aside.

Also, I am currently working on crafting tomes on Alchemy and Enchanting Writs.

I wish everyone the best holiday wishes and hope to see you in game soon.