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ESOTU Don’t pay for Orzogas’ Recipes!

Save your moneyCurrently, players are selling the three blue recipes and one gold recipe for large amounts of coin. They can be obtained from some relatively quick and easy quests from an NPC Northwest of Orsinium.  Save your coin!

More Info (including maps)

I have since created a guide for these quests: ESOTU Spoiler: Orzorga's Recipes

ESOTU Wrothgar: Do you know about the daily quests?

There is a lot to do in Wrothgar as the Orc rebuild their renown fortress Orsinium.  There are  two different quests for any bounty hunting individual: World Boss and Delve Clearing. I have included maps to the quest givers. With the help of other players (sharing quests), a player can do 7 dailies.

Tip: There are relics near some of the world bosses and in the delves that can be collected during your adventures for an achievement and help towards getting the three special bear costumes. They have been noted in the quest notes for your convenience.

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