26 Feb


If you haven’t checked out Kevduit’s channel on youtube, you should. Kevdiut produces high quality and humourous videos on a variety of topics. This recent video on crafting is highly entertaining whether you are into crafting or not. Follow these basic tips and you will find a steady stream of income from a variety of sources listed in this guide. Duration: < 12 minutes.

09 Feb

ESOTU Eyevea: Fast Travel From Map

Say What?

Overheard in Tamriel

If you have unlocked Eyevea (the region unlocked by the Mages’ Guild final quest), you can fast travel to it using any wayshrine or directly form the map.

I discovered it’s secret location on the Tamriel map while watching HeroofNone’s twitch stream.  He made an interesting comment about Eyevea having a wayshrine but it wasn’t on the map.  He brought up the world map while he was there and his pointer was in the western sea.

I pulled up my map and sure enough at the same location as a three masted ship on my map was Eyevea.

To access the wayshrine,

  1. Hover over the ship in the western sea to view the Eyevea label
  2. Click to view the map and the Wayshrine
  3. Click on the Wayshrine and you will travel there.
08 Feb

ESOTU Spoiler: The Sweetroll Killer

Reman Mevavius, a rather dubious imperial merchant in Kvatch, is looking for someone well equipped to solve a series of murders by a mysterious serial killer that sends their victims a sweetroll with a paper death threat filling.

In this quest you will be reunited with two popular ESO characters, Naryu and Razum-dar in Kvatch on the Gold Coast.

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06 Feb

ESOTU Furniture Vendors

Merchant Stall

A dark room with 4 walls is not enough.

Unless you are familiar with sleeping on the floor of the local drunk cell with nothing but a cot and a chamber pot, you will want furnish your home.

Furnishing comes in many forms the basics like stools to magnificent statues that cast a large shadow on the ground. This tome covers where to find most of them.


Crown Store

Furniture can be purchased for crowns from within the Housing Editor and by clicking the Purchase tab.


Home Goods Merchants

Located in all regions of the faction zones, Home Goods Merchants could be considered the standard Home and Garden outlets of Tamriel.

  • Basic Materials: Wood, Stone, etc.
  • Plants, Flowers, Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees, etc.
  • Furniture: Tables, Chairs, etc.
  • Fireplaces

Alten Corimont

  • Flower, Grandmother Hibiscus 1,000
  • Tea Table, Carved 250
  • Tree, Mud Palm 250
  • Tree, Towering Swamp Palm 250
Basics plus mossy and lichen covered items.


  • Bush, Flowering Scrub 250
  • Flowers, Healthy Goldenrod 250
  • Tree, Blooming Crabapple 6,000
  • Tree, Large Twisted Ash 250
  • Tree, Leaning Ash 250
  • Tree, Sturdy Crabapple 13,000
  • Tree, Sturdy Summer 250
  • Trees, Paired Evergreens 250
Large selection of trees, saplings, and rough items.


  • Tea Table, Carved 250
Specializes in rough items and rustic items for 100, including variety of planks, crates, and firewood.


(Northern High Rock Gate, Southern Morrowind Gate, Western Elyswr Gate)

  • Tea Table, Carved 250
Specializes in rough items and rustic items for 100, including variety of clotheslines, planks, crates, and firewood/campires, hay beds,and tarps.


  • Flower, Grandmother Hibiscus (Blue) 1,000
  • Hedge, Dense Low Wall (Blue) 1,300
  • Plant, Red Aloe 250
  • Plant, Red Aloe Succulent (Green) 250
  • Tea Table, Carved (Green) 250
  • Topiary, Fragile Cypress (Blue) 2.500
  • Topiary, Pruned Cypress (Blue) 1,100
  • Tree, Autumn Cherry Blossom (Purple) 15,000
  • Tree, Gnarled Ashflower (Purple) 5,000
  • Tree, Twisted Ashflower (Purple) 7,500

Fort Amol

  • Tea Table, Carved 250
Specializes in rough items and rustic items for 100, including variety of clotheslines, planks, crates, and firewood/campires, hay beds,and tarps.


  • Tea Table, Carved 250
Specializes in rough items and rustic items for 100, including variety of clotheslines, planks, and crates.


  • Tree Table, Carved (Green)  250
  • Tree, Vibrant Privet (Green) 250
Offers a few plants like lush ferns and saplings (Highland Cluster, Twin Highland) for 100g.


  • Bush, Vibrant Barberry (Green) 250
  • Fern Plant, Healthy 100
  • Mushroom, Huge Chanterelle (Green) 250
  • Mushroom, Tall Chanterelle (Green) 250
  • Tea Table, Carved (Green) 250


  • Khajiit Column, Spiked (Blue) 4,000
  • Platform, Weathered Dock (Green) 250
  • Post, Barnacle Covered (White) 100
  • Tea Table, Carved (Green) 250
  • Tree, Healthy Privet (Green) 250
  • Tree, Strudy Shade (Green) 250
Offers a few plants (Jungle Leaf, Leafy Sprouts, Squat Jungle Leaf), shrubs (lanky Highland, Tender Privet), and saplings (Eucalyptus Scrub) for 100g.


  • Flower, Grandmother Hibiscus (Blue) 1,000
  • Tea Table, Carved (Green) 250
Offers a few plants like dead fern and saplings (Budding Red, Tender Autumn, Tender Harvest) for 100g.


  • Hedge, Green Short (Blue) 1,000
  • Hedge, Large Horseshue (Blue) 2,500
  • Hedge, Small Horseshoe (Blue) 1,250
  • Hedge, Tall Green (Blue) 1,250
  • Hedge, Wall Arc (Blue) 3,000
  • Topiary, Manicured Evergreen (Blue) 2,000
  • Topiary, Pruned Evergreen (Blue) 1,000
  • Tree, Forked Sturdy (Green) 250
  • Tree, Squat Pink Cherry (Purple) 10,000
  • Tree, Squat White Cherry (Purple) 10,000
  • Tree, Sturdy Jungle (Green) 250
  • Tree, Tiered Light Cherry (Purple) 15,000
  • Tree, Tiered Pink Cherry (Purple) 15,000
  • Tree, Tiered White Cherry (Purple) 25,000
  • Tree, Twisted Pink Cherry (Purple) 15,000
  • Tree, Twsted White Cherry (Purple) 12,000
  • Tree, Crooked Swamp (Green) 250
Offers a few plants like saplings (Healthy Forest, Squat Forest, Young Forest) for 100g.


  • Mushrooms, Bruising Webcap (Green) 250
  • Tea Table, Carved (Green) 250
  • Tree, Mossy Swamp (Green) 250
  • Vines, Curtain Ivy (Blue) 750
  • Vines, Draped Ivy (Blue) 750
  • Vine, Lush Ivy (Blue) 600
  • Offers a few plants like ferns (Sunburnt, Green Curly, Sturdy Mature) and mossy rocks for 100g.


Achievement Furnisher

This vendors will sell zone themed items based on the achievements completed and located near the housing locations in the zone.

Pictures of these items? Check out Deltiasgaming.com


Luxury Vendor

The luxury vendor appears on the weekends in Coldharbour to offer rare furniture for a limited time. (see Chronicle of Luxury Vendor Items)

Common Vendors


  • Alchemist’s Sign (Purple) – Master Alchemist Achievement
  • Harvester’s Herbs (Blue) – Grand Master Crafting Harvester Achievement
  • Poison Stachel (Purple) – Toxicologist Achievement


  • none


  • Blacksmith’s Sign (Purple) – Master Blacksmith Achievement
  • Diagrams: Various
  • Harvester’s Ore (Blue) – Grand Master Crafting Harvester Achievement
  • Smith’s Bellows (Purple) – Master of Refinement Achievement


  • none


  • none


  • Chef’s Cleaver (Blue) – Recipe Compendium Achievement
  • Provisioner’s Sign (Purple) – Master Provisioner Achievement


  • Enchanter’s Gem (Purple) – Ruby Potency Achievement
  • Enchanter’s Sign (Purple) – Master Enchanter Achievement


  • Blueprints: Various
  • Clothier’s Sign – Master Clothier Achievement
  • Harvester’s Critter Trap – Grand Master Crafting Harvester Achievement
  • Harvester’s Garden Shrub – Grand Master Crafting Harvester Achievement
  • Patterns: Various


  • Design: Rough Bag, Gunny

Hall Steward (Fighters’ Guild)

  • Broken Chain (Gold) – Anchors Away Achievement
  • Clannfear Head (Purple) –  Fighters Guild Veteran Achievement
  • Daedric Chest (Purple) – No Ground Given Achievement
  • Daedroth Head (Purple) -Fighters Guild Veteran Achievement
  • Inactive Anchor Pinion – Chainbreaker Achievement


  • none


  • none


  • Cheese Cutter – The Madness Isn’t Catching Achievement
  • Mages Guild Banner  – Arch-Mage Achievement
  • Guild Reprints
    • Guild Reprint: Alik’r Desert Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Auridon Lore
    • Guild Reprint:  Bangkorai Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Coldharbour Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Daedric Princes
    • Guild Reprint: Deshaan Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Divines and Deities
    • Guild Reprint: Dwemer
    • Guild Reprint: Eastmarch Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Glenumbra Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Grahtwood Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Greenshade Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Legends of Nirn
    • Guild Reprint: Literature
    • Guild Reprint: Magic and Magicka
    • Guild Reprint: Malabal Tor Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Myths of the Mundus
    • Guild Reprint: Oblivion Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Poetry and Song
    • Guild Reprint: Rivenspire Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Shadowfen Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Stonefalls Lore
    • Guild Reprint: Stormhaven Lore
    • Guild Reprint: The Rift Lore
    • Guild Reprint: The Trial of Eyevea

Pack Merchant

  • none


  • none


  • Blueprints: Various
  • Harvester’s Woodpile (Blue)
  • Woodworker’s Sign (Purple)


  • none




Blueprints, Diagrams, Patterns, and Praxis can be found in containers and off humanoid mobs much like provisioning recipes.

Tip: A good place to farm is the Hollowed City in Coldharbour if you have completed the main quest line.


Dark Brotherhood

Obtained from the Shadowy Supplier (Dark Brotherhood skill line), Remains-Silent, found in all Outlaw Refuges.
  • Poisoned Blood (Potions)
  • Sacraficial Heart (Equipment)



  • Fish, Small (Blue)
  • Fish, Large (Blue)


  • Fish, Trout (Purple)



  • Fish, Salmon (Purple)



There are 34 Undaunted Busts obtained from adventuring. The last boss in the following areas will drop a bust



28 Jan

ESOTU Dark Brotherhood: Do you know about the daily quests?

Perhaps, you are looking for a “hire” calling and / or to free your inner dark bloodlust. On the Gold Coast, you can. Hire yourself out as bounty hunter, dark brotherhood assassin, or both. The choice is yours.

Do you hear the call of the Night Mother?

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25 Jan

ESOTU Public Dungeon: Razak’s Wheel

According to those who study the long-lost culture of the Dwarves, “Razak” was a fairly common Dwemeri name. Scholars are divided on whether it means “precision engineer” or “tonal modulator”. 

Razak’s Wheel is located on southwest corner of the Bangkorai Pass, a short distance south of Hallin’s Stand.

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