ESO PTS offers hints at upcoming Events: Mid-Year Mayhem and Murkmire Event

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.3 adds Midyear Mayhem and the Murkmire Celebration for testing this week – we appreciate any feedback you’re able to provide! We’ve also made the changes to Damage over Time abilities mentioned in last week’s PTS notes, and you’ll notice many of these abilities have increased in damage compared to the first PTS patch. Also included are a number of bug fixes for quests found in Southern Elsweyr, some UI fixes, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 280MB.


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PSA: Do your writs in Rimmen (Elsweyr) during Dragon Rise Event

New content coming to ESOTU!

Since #ESOFam unlocked the bonus experience during the Dragon Rise Event, crafting writs will give you more experience when completed in Elsweyr for the remaining duration of the event.

Update: Bonus gold unlocked! Confirmed, writ gold reward significantly increased. Approximately 8.5k gold for a CP crafter doing all 7 crafting dailies.

ESO Anniversary Event

The ESO Anniversary occurs in early April and it is an event you do not want to miss.  In addition to bonus experience,  any daily that is not immediately repeatable will offer a bonus anniversary gift box.

The Elder Scrolls Online turns five! Join us in celebration of this amazing milestone by taking part in our in-game event and enjoying XP buffs, unique rewards, and cake!

ESO Anniversary Event

The anniversary event begins on April 4th 10AM EDT.

To join the event, visit the famous Chef Donolon in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon's Watch and complete his Anniversary quest “Ache for Cake." You can get directions to Chef Donolon's location by obtaining a Jubilee Cake Voucher free of charge from the in-game Crown Store.

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