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ESOTU Crafting Essentials Playlist

Do MoreAdmittedly, I’m not very good at creating videos; however I appreciate the good work done by others in the Elder Scrolls Online Community.  As a result, I have created a playlist of my recommended ESOTU crafting videos on youtube to make it easier for visitors to find.


Review: Crafting Poisons in ESO – Elder Scrolls Online Poisons… (MissBizz)

Looking for a quick introduction to poison-making? Miss Bizz has posted  new video guide to poison-making.  She does a good job explaining the mechanics of how poisons work, how to make poisons using the alchemy craft, sources of solvents (oils) and reagents, and the traits of the new reagents. Not covered are specific recipe combinations. Duration: approximately 4 minutes.


ESOTU Patch Notes 2.4.6 – Crafting Summary

New content coming to ESOTU!The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac.

Combat & Gameplay

  • All ability and morph respec costs have been restored to the original cost of 50 gold per point instead of temporary cost of 1 gold per point that we put in place for the first week after Dark Brotherhood launch.

Item Sets

  • Pelinal’s Aptitude: Fixed an issue where this item set’s tooltip erroneously stated it was disabled.

Review: Traits in ESO (Miss Bizz)

Miss Bizz has posted a great video that explains the various traits, or the intrinsic properties of items, that appear in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.  It explains the crafted and non-crafted traits of equipment items. The traits of alchemical reagents is not included. Duration: approximately 10 mins.


BenevolentBowd’s ESO Crafting Essential Playlist

ESOTU Enchanting Runes for Alliance Points? Yes!

Save your money
Save your money

While crafting away and completing my crafting writs for the night, I saw an intriguing post in my PVP guild chat. “You can buy enchanting potency runes with AP!”.  I finished up what I was doing and headed to Cyrodil and sought out the Enchanting vendor near the main gates. Sure enough, potency runes were on sale for Alliance Points!