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Reddit: Giant Clam Locations Map

There is a great post on Reddit where someone has posted the locations of various Giant Clams in Summerset.

[Guide] Giant Clam locations from elderscrollsonline

About Giant Clams

The Giant Clams, when looted, may yield up to two of the following:

  • Two new alchemy reagents: Powdered Mother of Pearl and Clam Gall
    • Clam Gall is an offensively oriented reagent, while Powdered Mother of Pearl is more defensively oriented, granting new combinations of survival effects
  • Fish meat, for provisioning
  • Bait, including fish roe, guts, and worms
  • Grease solvents for alchemical poisons
  • Or, very rarely, clam-themed furnishings for your home

ESOTU Alchemy Poisons with Three Ingredients

Alchemy plant
Unlock the power of plants and mushrooms.

It is fun to learn by Alchemy by trial and error and hope whatever ever does not kills you makes you smarter. However, an Alchemical Poison  Recipe book does reassure an aging mind of success and less of death.

Tip: Doing master writs? Start with the name of the poison and scroll down until you find the other traits.

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