ESOTU Alchemist Writs


“My dear apprentice, you have destroyed far too many of my alchemical stocks to go unpunished. My own master would never abide such abject incompetence! Can’t take instruction,’ she’d say. ‘Nose in a book,’ she’d say. Luckily for your prospects, it is far less costly to write this simple manual than replace yet another cask of rare solvent.” — Alchemy For My Apprentice by You Know Who.

Alchemist working at Alchemy Table
Only the initiated can unlock the power traits of common plants, mushrooms, and more

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ESOTU Spoiler: Buyer Beware (Belarata)

I had been travelling nearly two days from Greenshade on my way to Silvenar, the principal settlement in Malabal Tor.  A loud commotion at a nearby Ayleid ruin caught my curiosity.  A Khajiit Merchant had a half dozen displeased customers demanding a refund and a pound of his flesh. Using some diplomacy skills, I defused the situation and in return he agreed to open the warded entrance to the nearby Belarata Ruins.

Exploring Belarata Ruins
A tale of star-crossed lovers torn apart by war, separated by death.

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ESOTU Scam: Citrine / Tempering Ally

Save your moneyBuyer / Crafter beware: There is an old scam that exploits the fact that a cheap item’s icon looks like one of the most valuable crafting items in the game. The trait gem Citrine has the same icon as Tempering Alloy, the gold improvement item for blacksmithing.


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