About the Site

The purpose of this site is to share my gaming experiences in a way that complements existing sites, helps new players learn the basics, and recreates a game reference that brings back that nostalgic feel of the classic game manuals of long ago. The layout and design will be more minimalistic than other sites to make it more mobile friendly.

I’m not a professional blogger so I apologize for grammar and lack of polish on the site. I publish for fun and to get hands-on experience working with web technologies.

About the Blogger

Origins of the Name BenevolentBowD

I’ve always like to play Archer characters in game.   I believe it was while I was playing Vanguard Saga of Heroes that I created a character called Bowdacious. Later in the same game, I got the title “the benevolent” which I used until the game ended. Since most of my online friends called me Bow-Dee, I shorted the website name to BenevolentBowD.

Current Activities

My website was created as a few years ago as a learning tool to get some experience with web servers and blogging software. Since that time, it has been exciting to see how many people around the world share a similar interest in video games and visit my site to check out my articles on crafting, quests, and in-game history.

My most popular articles include golden vendor and luxury vendors chronicles, ESO Calendar, Motif TrackerThings to Do in Tamriel, guides, crafting guides, crafting dungeon scouting reports, and occasional spoiler.  However, you will have to hunt for the spoilers because I do not like spoiling all the fun.

Twitter is where I primarily interact with the community. I regularly post tweets regarding official ESO news articles, patch notes, and developer posts. I also like to retweet ESO related memes, article, and screenshots tweeted by the community.  This account is used just for gaming and politics are kept to a minimum.

Not everyone likes to scrolling though countess lines of text.  So I have begun to publish a monthly series of 5 minute or less YouTube videos called TheoryCrafting with BenevolentBowD  that takes an academic view of theorycrafting with an emphasis mostly on crafting. Previous topics have been about investigating patterns in dailies given by NPC’s, levelling character by masterwrits, and more. The videos are often complemented with written guides on this site.

mixer logoWhile not I am not actively streaming on Twitch or mixer, I regularly host channels I am hanging out in and I auto-host some of my favourite ESO Streamers. Stop by and say hi!

I am the least active on Facebook, but I try to post the weekend vendor information each week..

Previous Activities

VSOH Screen of Bowdacious "the Benevolent"
Bowdacious “The Benevolent” is born in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and is seen here in his adventuring gear.

In 2010, the good reference sites of my favorite game at the time started to go offline. At that time I decided to use my technical skills to help the community out.  After doing some research for a good long term home for gaming content, I began posting content on the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Wikia and was promoted to the site administration after being recognized as a major contributor to the site by the site’s founder. When the game was discontinued by Sony Online Entertainment, the site had over 6,000 articles and I had racked up over 24,000 edits.

After Vanguard, I began my adventures in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited with a few former guildies and began posting quest information on the elderscrolls.wikia.com site. Shortly thereafter, I became a proud father of one and then two young children.  Gameplay was cutback and when I finished inventorying all the quests for the Ebonheart Pact faction, I took a break from Wikia.

Games Played

My favorite genre of games are fantasy themed massive multi-player online role playing games.  My interest in the Fantasy genre games started with the Ultima franchise, The Bard’s Tale, the Dungeon and Dragons series by SSI Simulations, and later the Baldur’s Gate franchise by BioWare.

Ultima IV Media for Commodore 64
Ultima IV Media for the Commodore 64.

My first MMORPG was Asheron’s Call. Over the years, I have played since played Asheron’s Call 2, Horizons: Empire of Istaria, Everquest II, World of Warcraft, Lineage II, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

When looking for a game to play, I prefer sandbox games with a lot of content and a crafting system that is suited for short play sessions.   I like to experience the game and not rush to the “endgame”.  What I’m not looking for is a time-sink-easy-button game that holds your hand and is filled with micro-transactions, or a game that looks too “cartoony”.

Legal Stuff

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